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Cheap professional Xbox 360 and Xbox repairs in Birmingham
Our highly skilled technicians can fix and repair all faults with Xbox consoles
Our couriers can collect and deliver your Xbox 360 or Xbox in Birmingham when the console has been repaired

Xbox Repair in Birmingham

We have Xbox 360 and Xbox console repair centres in Birmingham and throughout the UK. We offer a unrivalled repair and modification service for all Xbox 360s.

Don't just buy a new Xbox, we can save you money by repairing your old Xbox console. We have many repair centres across the UK including Birmingham to help you get your Xbox fixed fast.

Complete the form below and a technician in Birmingham will contact you straight back to help you go about getting your Xbox 360 or Xbox fixed.

If we are not local to you, we can send our own courier service to pick up your Xbox in Birmingham and deliver back to once we have fixed it.

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Recent Enquiries :

need to get my phat xbox with liteon 93450c re flashed, was on lt 1.1, updated to new dash, cant play back ups, guessing my drive has been flashed back to stock fw with the new update, can u flash to the latest fw lt 1.9? im in the birmingham area, if u do would i be able to drop off to??thanks : Matt - Birmingham, Birmingham
My console is showing an E 74 error message. Can you fix this? The cheapest I have been quoted to fix this is 50 quid, but having to send the console to birmingham. : Kirk - Southampton, Hampshire

Cheap Xbox 360 and Xbox Repairs in Birmingham

We fix all faults and problems for Xbox and Xbox 360. Anything from hard drive faults to the fearsome 3 red lights on the front of your console.

We have trained engineers in Birmingham to deal with the common faults that arise with these consoles. Our engineers also have the equipment and workspace to carry out all the relevant checks to find and fix your Xbox.

All you have to do is fill in the form above and we will contact you straight back. An engineer in Birmingham will talk to you and help resolve your Xbox360 or Xbox problem.

Xbox 360 3 red lights

If you are unlucky enough to have this fault on your Xbox 360, you will not be able to use it until repaired. This fault is caused by the Xbox overheating causing internal components to break. This may be because your Xbox is in a poorly ventilated area, for example inside a draw or narrow cabinet. You must make sure that your Xbox 360 has good ventilation at all times when switched on. Overheating and the 3 red lights are a very common fault with Xbox 360s and can take 3 weeks for Microsoft to repair it. We can get it fixed and back to new in a much faster time and for a lot less money.

Visual and grapics card faults

Your Xbox may still turn on without any red light warnings on the front of the console, however you have no image on the screen or sound coming from the TV. This is usually a fault with the graphics or sound card. You may also have a distorted picture when you turn on the console. This may mean you need a new graphics or sound card.

Unreadable disk error

If your Xbox console keeps bringing up the unreadable disk error message this may be because the disk is damaged. If the game or DVD disks are fine then it may be a laser or disk tray fault which can be repaired. Your Xbox may need a new laser to get it to work again.

Games keep freezing

If your games keep freezing when you?re playing usually this is due to overheating or your game disk may be scratched. If your Xbox is overheating and the fan is very loud you should check to see if the console has air to breath around it. Once the Xbox starts to overheat this can cause hardware inside to malfunction resulting in system failure.

If you have any of the above faults or any other problems with your Xbox or Xbox 360, then we can help. Just fill in the form and we will get an engineer in Birmingham to call you to help resolve your console problem. website is operated by permission from the domain name registrant.